We operate a network of locally-based photo and film producers and production fixers scattered across France, Italy, Spain, across Europe and Russia.

They have been specifically trained and tested to meet the standards of our clients and projects. While working on the ground, they are supported by production managers from the central office.

We started building the network for our internal use after having been dissatisfied with the service of the fixers from online directories and search engines on our own overseas shoots. We’re using it now to help out other production companies requiring professional and affordable services and a peace of mind while shooting abroad.

Our fixers are ready to take on photo, film and video projects of any scale, specificity and handle your last minute production requests—just send us an email or give us a call.


The production team is amazing here, very good team! They’re well organized and fantastic.

Patrick Demarchelier, photographer

Andy Fiord Production was amazing. It was as if I never left New York.

Beowulf Sheehan, photographer