Andy Fiord Production represents emerging talents and established artists from all over the world. They specialize in photography, videography, retouching, make-up and fashion styling. Our team hand-pick every single talent; our choice is based not only on the artist’s vision and professionalism, but their personality, too.

We’ve provided Apple, Burberry, Jean Paul Gaultier, Trussardi, Ralph Lauren, Vogue, Interview, W Magazine, GQ and other outstanding brands with photographers, filmmakers, stylists, make-up/hair artists, set designers and other creative specialists.

We put together cost-effective and talented teams, finding the right person for every project. Our crew knows how challenging can be the work with a creative mind, but under our management it’s always an easy and comfortable process with minimized risks and guaranteed results.

Tell us about your project and we’ll prepare the best selection in the shortest time.