Estel “Underground” show-presentation

On the 7th of September at the “Music Hall” theatre the team of Andy Fiord Fashion Advertising produced an amazing show devoted to the new collection, created by Estel Academy – “Underground”.

Complex artistic performance, unique video installations and incredible scenery set up by show-director Sergey Lukovsky (AFFA) – reflected a provocative and outrageous aesthetics of the latest Estel collection. This show involved more than a hundred models, dancers, gymnasts and acrobats!

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Estel “Boutique Bourjois” show-presentation

Presentation of the fall-winter 2011/12 Estel collection took place on the 13th of September and was produced by Andy Fiord Fashion Advertising in a form of a brilliant and extraordinary fashion performance with participation of professional actors, dancers and acrobats.

The concept of an abandoned theatre inhabited with the ghosts of great actors, took the guests into the past with the help of large-scale video installations and computer graphics.

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