Backstage from the shooting in Paris for Lança Perfume

Magic streets of Montmartre became our scenery for the shooting of Lança Perfume’s new advertising campaign! Indeed, it’s one of the most romantic and picturesque areas of Paris!

After penetrating into the secret workshop, the walls of which witnessed Auguste Renoir, we had a feeling of returning to the end of the 19th century full of that creative atmosphere which surrounded the French artistic bohemia!

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Impressionism and the new campaign of Lança Perfume (Spring-Summer 2016)

We’re so proud to present you our new advertising campaign shot in France for Brazilian fashion brand – Lança Perfume! Inspired by impressionism movement we started this breathtaking journey which led us to Paris, cliffs of Etretat and magical garden of Giverny.

These pictures will definitely remind you the masterpieces created by Claude Monet, Van Gogh and Georges Seurat!

It was a great honour for us to take part in this incredible project and work together with the best guys from Lança Perfume and Gas-BR!)

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