Interview with Andy Fiord for So Serious Fashion

The man, being an astrophysicist, built a telescope, a fashion photographer career, a unique for Russia group of advertising businesses and a wonderful office for his employees. He is a professional manager, philosopher, and scientific fisherman with a rare combination of charm, mental power and sound view at the gist of matters. All of those qualities belong to Andy Fiord, the president and art-director of Andy Fiord Fashion Advertising group of companies. The original interview in Russian:

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Interview with Andy Fiord for Sobaka magazine, June 2014

Andy Fiord, president and art-director of Andy Fiord Fashion Advertising, became the winner of the “Top 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg” awards!

Each year Sobaka magazine holds an open vote for the nominees in the “Top 50” awards.

Among them: artists, movie and theatre stars, fashion-industry representatives, musicians, writers, businessmen, scientists, art historians and athletes who have reached the highest professional success this year.

In his interview for the June issue of Sobaka magazine Andy Fiord told about his entrepreneur and astronomer careers, passion for fashion photography and the creation of fashion-business in Russia.

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