Vogue Russia (September, 2014)

Top model Lindsey Wixson demonstrates the “Russian style” on the pages of Vogue Russia, September issue! 

The author of this beautiful story is a talented British photographer Alexi Lubomirski, known for his works for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, GQ and other glossy magazines.

The shooting was held in St. Petersburg and became the result of an amazing work of producer Elena Serova (Vogue), the teams of Vogue and Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production!

Models: Lindsey Wixson and Azat / Andy Fiord Models (LMA)
Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski
Stylist: Olga Dunina / Vogue
Make-up: Tyron Machhausen
Hairs: Panos Papandrianos
Producers: Elena Serova / Vogue, Gleb Nadporozhskiy / Andy Fiord
Production director: Alexander Biervert / Andy Fiord
Line Producer: Nara Iskandaryan / Andy Fiord
Production by Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production.