Photo backstage from the shooting for Vogue Russia (September 2014)

Behind-the-Scenes of the shooting with Alexi Lubomirski and Lindsey Wixson for Vogue Russia (September issue).

Photo (backstage) by Timur Ahiyarov.

Models: Lindsey Wixson / Vision LA and Azat / Andy Fiord Models (LMA)

Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski

Stylist: Olga Dunina / Vogue

Make-up: Tyron Machhausen

Hairs: Panos Papandrianos

Producers: Elena Serova / Vogue, Gleb Nadporozhskiy / Andy Fiord

Production director: Alexander Biervert / Andy Fiord

Line producer: Nara Iskandaryan / Andy Fiord

Production by Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production.