The fourth shooting day for Lança Perfume!

Our last shooting day with Lança Perfume and Camila Coutinho, the author of a famous Brazilian fashion blog Garotas Estúpidas, we spent in the centre of St. Petersburg – shooting near The Old Stock Exchange and on the Nevsky avenue!

This shooting indeed became a very memorable and inspiring project for Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production! First of all, because of the greatest team we had on the set. It was an amazing experience for us and we’re looking forward to show you the final images! Stay tuned 😉

Client: Lança Perfume
Talent: Camila Coutinho
Photographer: Otavio Ramos Costa
Stylist: Luiz Felipe Veloso de Oliveira
Make-up: Julia Tochilova (AFFA)
Hairs: Ksenya Tsigankova (AFFA)
Producer: Liliane Bandeira Almada
Production: Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production

Backstage photographer — Timur Ahyarov