Lança Perfume advertising campaign (fall-winter 2015)!

Amigos! We’re incredibly happy today as finally we can show you our new work – advertising campaign for a Brazilian fashion-brand Lança Perfume, shot in St. Petersburg with participation of Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production!

Even Russian frost couldn’t stop us from enjoying the shooting and creating these magnificent pictures! During their visit to Russia the Brazilian team not only explored the “mysterious Russian soul” but also found new devoted friends represented by Andy Fiord Family!

Todos nós sentimos sua falta!



Client: Lança Perfume
Model: Nastya Kusakina
Photographer: Otavio Ramos Costa
Stylist: Luiz Felipe Veloso de Oliveira
Make-up: Julia Tochilova (AFFA)
Hairs: Ksenya Tsigankova (AFFA)
Producer: Liliane Bandeira Almada
Production: Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production