Lança Perfume campaign shot in Chicago (AW16)

Bombshell! 💥

We’re so proud to show you the new campaign for Lança Perfume (AW16)! 🔥 Shot in Chicago by Tavinho Costa with participation of Andy Fiord Production! 

Crazy energy! Love you, guys!
Thank you for being our inspiration!


Creative director / Lança Perfume: Bruna Olivo
Director of Marketing / Lança Perfume: Giancarlo Bedin
Marketing Manager / Lança Perfume: Priscila Damiani
Art Director / Gas-Br: Wagner Alves
Director of concept / Gas-Br: Giovanni Sartori
Digital Manager / Gas-Br: Felipe Cordeiro dos Santos

Photographer: Tavinho Costa
Models: Luana Teifke (WAY Models), Samira Carvalho (Ford Models)
Stylist: Felipe Veloso
Make-up/Hair: Daniel Hernandez
Photographer’s assistant: Pedro Henrique Marques
Photographer’s assistant: Rafael Martins De Oliveira Mattar

Producer: Lili Almada
With participation of Andy Fiord Production