First shooting day with Rovio for Angry Birds Activity Park

Stay positive no matter what! Like our friendly partners in crime Angry Birds do! ;)))

Today Andy Fiord Production is shooting together with the great Rovio team! Have you heard about the opening of an amazing Angry Birds Activity Park in St. Petersburg? If not – follow our page and you will see what the founders prepared for you!

Client: Rovio Entertainment
Head of Design Rovio Entertainment: Ilari Laitinen
Rovio Entertainment Producers: Ulla Junell, Joonas Rissanen
Photographer: Joonas Mäntynen
Marketing Manager of Angry Birds Activity Park: Olga Volodina
Make-up/Hair: Julia Tochilova (AFFA)
Director: Oleg Kutuzov
D.O.P.: Valentin Finaev
AFFA Producer: Evgenia Braginets
AFFA Line Producer: Philipp Komarov
Backstage photographer: Timur Ahiyarov

Production by Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production