The second shooting day with Rovio in Angry Birds Activity Park

Welcome to the world of Angry Birds!

The second shooting day with Rovio team in Angry Birds Activity Park! Believe us, this place is absolutely awesome!

Client: Rovio Entertainment
Head of Design Rovio Entertainment: Ilari Laitinen
Rovio Entertainment Producers: Ulla Junell, Joonas Rissanen
Photographer: Joonas Mäntynen
Marketing Manager of Angry Birds Activity Park: Olga Volodina
Make-up/Hair: Julia Tochilova (AFFA)
Director: Oleg Kutuzov
D.O.P.: Valentin Finaev
AFFA Producer: Evgenia Braginets
AFFA Line Producer: Philipp Komarov
Backstage photographer: Timur Ahiyarov
Production by Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production